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Don Moen – He Never Sleeps lyrics

When you've prayed every prayer that you know how to pray
Just remember the Lord will hear and the answer in on it's way
God is able
He is mighty
He is faithful
And He never sleeps He never slumbers
He never tires of hearing our prayer
When we are weak He becomes stronger
So rest in His love and cast all of your cares on Him

Do you feel that the Lord has forgotten our need
Just remember that God is always working in ways you cannot see
God is able
He is mighty He is faithful

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Submitted bysoman777


  • u
    He never sleep - for me it is how god loves us, he never sleep just to take care with us, he want us that we will be safe always. Even how we been through, he always there for us. This song is my inspiration in my daily living, coz it reminds me that no matter how tough the day is, he always there to take care and save me. And I know he will never leave me. Thank you lord for not sleeping just for us. I love you lord.
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  • u
    God has always been A great keeper. He is A savior and redeemer, he shelters' us from sin. He makes all things beautiful in his own time. That is why the song says "just remember that god is always working in ways we cannot see. Our god is able and he is mighty". We need to be patient and prayerful whilst we wait because he is indeed faithful and able. God in us the hope of glory.
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  • u
    The Bible tell us that how much he love us. He never sleep he slumber! How beautifully the songs tells us our heavenly father is always ready for us to bless us in everything. Never forget to praise his name every single day in our life god bless us amen.
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  • c
    Charmaine Eve
    He never stopped caring for us. He is always available whenever we need Him. We just have to talk to Him through our prayers. He'll never get tired of listening. He loves hearing prayers from His children, because it means that His children trusts Him. When you feel like your life is almost perfect, don't forget to thank God because everything you have comes from Him. And even before you say your needs in prayer, He knows it ahead. He just want to hear it from us. Just surrender everything to God, and everything will fall into place. I love you so much, Lord.
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  • s
    I've been through a lot of hardship on many things that really made me think that He never care for me but as the lyrics of the song stated "he always work in ways we cannot see..." I feel and remember those things that He made for me and realize how fool I am to think that He neglects me. Yes "He really do not sleeps" and so I cast on him all my cares cause God is mighty, faithful and He knows what is best for us.
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