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Domino – Money Is Everything lyrics

Money is everything, money is everything,
Money, money, money, money, money, money, money,
Money is everything
[First Verse]
Now think about it, isn't it a coincidence
Everybody wants them dead presidents?
See those that don't have it love jackin' you head to toe
And people that's clockin' a grip, always eager to make more
Cuz money can help your heart, and money can help you out
But if you're makin' too much of it, then money can help you die
And ain't that scary like Jason
You can't win for losin' cuz of the grip that you're makin'
Now this particular paper is like the power to the greedy
And a God to the hungry, keepin' life in the needy
And so we're brainwashed thinkin' of it
But don't get me wrong, cuz I love it
I used to like George Washington's way back when
Now I'm sprung on Benjamin Franklins
And with these people I could go on
Like so on, and so on, and so on, trip
Who bought your clothes and who bought your food?
Who bought your hoe and who bought your dude?
Cut the bullshit, tell me who you tryin' to kid?
Cuz you didn't buy shit, your money did
Get the picture?
[Second Verse]
There once lived a low-income woman with a child
Lookin' for single men with money she could date
Finally met a man that her daughter called Daddy
But homies comin' up short on the stakes
She let him be Daddy for awhile, cuz the dicks good
Plus he's fine and all swole lookin' bounty
But that don't mean shit when you're broke and you're hungry
That's why daughter's Daddy's new name is Mr. County
Check, this out, they say it's the root of all evil
And I could t

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