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DMX – I'm Back lyrics

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
They give it to me like, yeah, yeah, yeh yeh

I flip through the tracks to get cedar wax
And these fucking cowards know I ain't slipped through the cracks
Dog back on the scene making a bunch of noise
You're grown man, bring the brave boys
Man these niggas is toyin' with us I don't play with 'em
So if you got gorillas with guns stay with 'em
Motherfucking prepare for war,... When it rains and pours
Cold blooded killers the murders essenceless
To I'd will need forensics or a dentist
Fuck with dog and you will be
Straight up, doe so rip
Real niggas slip but bounce right back
Went from an ounce to a brick like that
Camera's always on so nigga might act
Like they wanna fight 'til I fight back

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

Scratch you to death I'm a go getter
The mail's gone, download more to twitter
Slugs big as my finger collect 4 on your vest
And will still be able to play connect point to chest
Or I could hit 'em in the mouth and make 'em bash the taste
Nothing, I told you I'm a bastard case
Want me, acid face
I spit lava, you better off smacking your father, don't bother
We're real criminals, we rob niggers
Couple off for life, we mob niggers
Niggas do what you do suck a dick
Better of some suck a shit
Back up in your face up in your grill
Getting back up in that lab with a license to kill
'Til your main that we don't chill
You don't want but you got me
Thought they was fucking with a gangsta, but you not!

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like.

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