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DMX – Fuckin' Wit' D lyrics

[Quick Skit: gun fire]
[Dmx:] talk is cheap muthafucka!!!!!

[Verse one:]

What's on y'all niggaz minds
Fuckin' wit' me, y'all know somebody has
Told you about fuckin' wit' D, stuck in
A tree is what you will be, like a cat
And I'm the dog at the bottom, lookin' up
What's that.
Your worst nightmare is I take it right there,
You got niggaz comin' where they at, right
Where? I make 'em like air, floatin' away, wouldn't
Tell what he was thinkin' so I opened a way,
Went from broken away, you know he hurt before he died,
Makes you wonder if he lost his shirt before he died, only
Two knew the answer and one of us is dead, so anyone who
Seeks the truth can get it straight to head!
Than you andf him can discuss what I did, yeah it was
Wrong dog but I slid, i'll repent one day, just not right
Now, you hear my shit all on the street I'm kinda hot
Right now!

Come on!

[Hooks [Chorus:]:]

I don't give A fuck about
Ch'yall niggaz cause Y'all
Ain't killin' nuttin'!!!

I don't give A fuck about
Ch'yall niggaz cause Y'all
Ain't killin' nuttin'!!!

[Verse two:]

I wanna break bread wit' da' katz
That I starve with, wanna hit the
Malls with the same dogz I rob wit',
Wanna be able to laugh with the niggaz
That I cried with, when it's over be like
These is tha niggaz that I died wit'.
What do you do when you find out in the
Hall there's a rat, what do you do when
You find out that your dog is a cat,
Shit, on niggaz back, can't hold but two
So while you gettin' more gatz I'm puttin wholes
In you, snubnose will do, break 'em off real
Proppa', need to keep it' spittin' but I ain't gonna stoppa', cocka, unlocka, let
'em go, give it to his man just to let him know,
All things considered it was real for' a minute,
Got what was yourz and tried to steal sometin' wit
It, now feel sometin' hit it, your chest that is,
The best that is, is probaly the best that slid,
Yo stress that kid!

[Hooks [Chorus:]:]

I don't give A fuck about
Ch'yall niggaz cause Y'all
Ain't killin' nuttin'!!!

I don't give A fuck about
Ch'yall niggaz cause Y'all
Ain't killin' nuttin'!!!

[Verse 3:]

When niggaz hear that dog bark,
They betta run, when police hear
That dog bark they betta come, they
Expect tha same thing that's live,
And they lives will be lost, there
Is a price to pay, how many lives
Will be lost, come on!
Since I run with the devil I'm one
With the devil, I stay doin' dirt so
I'm gonna come with the shovel,
Hit chyou on a level of a madman who's mind's
Twisted, Made niggaz dreams caught the last
Train, mines missed it, Listed as a manic
Depressin' with extreme paranoya! And dog
I got sometin' for ya! Hear my name, feel my pain,
Niggaz wanna steal my fame, but first feel
My reign, know what it's like to suffer, never
Have enough of shit, startin' off hard than
Only gettin' rougher! Tougher, but than came
The greese, so if you wanna say peace, tame the beast!

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