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Dismemberment Plan – Secret Curse lyrics

Secret Curse
Anonymous hex on flavorless food and terrible sex
A day of no rhythm a night of no rest
And I do not know what sin I have not confessed

Secret Curse
Terrible blight I'm deafened by sound and blinded by light
Caught when I flee and beat when I fight and I'm cocky when wrong
And timid when right and I don't know what crimes have yet to come to light

But it's getting worse
Indelible mark, tired at noon, wired at dark
A terrible bite, but never a bark, I don't know what else I can do

I don't know who you are... please, I'm sorry

Secret Curse
Unwashable stain, ugly when bold, boring when plain
Stricken with pleasure and taken with pain
And I'm nervous and lost and I can not refrain

Secret Curse
Unsingable song, melody weird, getting it wrong
Pussy when tender and brutal when strong
And I'm losing my friends as we're getting along
And I really do try to run that fast and long but it gets there first

Invisible eye, sad if I laugh, mad if I cry
Screwed if I live, screwed if I die
I try and I try and I don't know what else I can do

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