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Dirty Pretty Things – Truth Begins lyrics
This is where the truth begins
Where teardrops glance the sallow skin
You lose your will
And I can lend you mine

The westway wall's
So tall and bleak
Reflect the words we dare not speak
By the bottle's end
We may have done our time

What you want is to stay away from People like me
Who twist most everything they see
And leave the grey old world behind you

So sow it up kid have some clout
We'll do some wine and fall about
The sun will shine again tomorrow
Look beyond the parapet
We are just bums lest you forget
We can beg steal and borrow

Well you said the pills would sort me out
Embolden me against the
Manifestations of fear and doubt
I just forgot who I used to be
So now I'm strung somewhere between a dream
And humdrum day to day routine
A laurel wreath from the door to my heart

What you wants to wash your face and try to breathe
Forget your mind and shut your eyes so that you can see
And leave the gray old world behind you

So sow it up kid have no doubt
We'll go to mine and have it out
The sun will shine again tomorrow

For all the friends you've ever met
Some you'll love and some forget
Just hold on for tomorrow

So here's to now
And all of us of course
The hearts we tried
Make a brand new start
Let the fabric never tear us apart

And some day when
We're in the cold
Here's a semblance
We can hope so
The proposal
And put it on your heart
For me

So now I move
And if you're in
It wouldn't hurt just to give it a try and win
Don't forget who you're meant to be

What you wants to get a bike and do wheelies
I bet you can't do em half as good as me
Throw it out
When it's over it's over

So sow it up kid have some clout
We'll have some wine and sulk about
How the sun will shine tomorrow

For all the friends you've not yet met
Some would die for you I'll bet
So hold on for tomorrow

So sow it up kid have some clout
We'll go to mine and fuck about
The sun will shine again

For all friends you've not yet met
Some would die for you you I bet
So hold on for tomorrow

This is where the truth begins
For more than seven deadly sins
You lose your will
I may have hurt you're mind

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Songwriters: Anthony Rossomando, Carl Barât, David Hammond, Gary Powell
Truth Begins lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management

Truth Begins meanings

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    This is a brilliant, heart-wrenchingly beautiful song; Carl has a real way with words and it shows! I only wish I were as talented, and with such kickass melodies under my belt as well.
    In my opinion, his referral to the listener as kid signifies the relationship, or at least Carl's initial impression of Pete as a 'little pipsqueak' (despite his only being but a year younger than the former). "So sow it up kid, have some clout" is encouraging his companion to 'toughen up, deal with this situation thoroughly. ' (i. E Peter's addiction.)
    "beg, steal and borrow" alludes to Peter's song, written for Babyshambles, and there are also other numerous references to the early days of the Libertines when Pete and Carl's friendship was firmly cemented. During this period of time, they would frequently get drunk or high together in the Albion Rooms (a filthy hovel that looms large in Libertine legend, in which they both used to reside) or elsewhere, and "fuck about".
    "Truth begins" seems to equate to the importance of both parties (Carlos and Peter) facing up to the consequences of their actions, and therefore the real reason for the implosion of the Libertines a few years back, as well as the duo's relationship and their way of viewing one another; they cannot make excuses anymore- this is the real deal, a real confrontation.
    What's more, before the conclusion of the song, Carl appears to be hauntingly insinuating that he is partly responsible for Peter's current state, or so it seems, with the sorrowful, guilt-ridden line "I may have hurt your mind". This implies that as Pete's elder, Carl feels responsible for guiding him correctly, as one might a younger brother. However, owing to Pete's addiction, he therefore feels his role in the former's guidance was a badly played one on his behalf, and the shame weighs upon him heavily as he is reminded of it in the tabloids, etc.
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