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Diplomats – Dj Enuff Freestyle lyrics


Let's start the year off right man (that birthday shit)
Dip-Set man Jim Jones, Santana, Freaky, Killa
Enuff let's do it Killa

Uh, Up and now murja it's foul murder turkeys to
Cowburgers the code to al murder
Child if you style or wild splurja
Stay away O. K. Mr Giles a hurt ya
I aint go to school stayed the hell at home
In the real estate dog I seen hell at homes
You was selling out I was selling homes
Selling dreams to the phone I cam sell the tone
In the science lab I mix mechemicals
In silicone fella in the vanilla cone
The school even play the recorder
Now days he work for feds
And plays his recorder
You think he placing he taping his order
Marking the bills j reed tasting the water[fucked up]
We duc taping his daughter
That's the taping they taught us
In addition add the eight and the quarters get it
In addition ma, yeah you get it dog
Gets it and ditch it kitchen wippen and flip it raw
Get it all off the kitchen floor
My bad is my bad the baddest ask me
What I'm bitching for
What a bitch is for?
Is to put the is in all
Furs his or hers bitch go pitch it whore
No disrespect mami, no disrespect at all
In a year or two maybe you can get a store
You should honor my cor
You wan't a honda accord
I'm trying to turn you into entrepreneurs
That's a real friend
That's a homie right right true
I fell that is only right
That I live the life of rally
I done did knives in alleys pipes in rallys
[What you do now]?
Now I catch flights to Cali
Looking for a wife to spouse I pipe her proudley
She understands my life gets rowdy
I'm the sensei
Prende? I'm icy outley

[Juelz Santana]

Yo, Now I done been on both sides of the fence
Now I done been on both sides of the gate survived and escaped
Look at me now man I'm driving away
Thinking about my old teachers who said I rot and decay(never)
I go back and beep the horn at em
Blowing that cheech and chong at em
Yelling screaming the boy is platinum
It all happens so fast
They all imagine I crash
But I did straight through the wall I'm bad
Like Michael was see what the cycle does
360- spin around, I'm the new kid in town
Yeah it's coming soldier, April the month it's over
Yeah your run is over
The album is done I told ya
What a classic I made, I look up see Cam
See the game what a path that he made
A beautiful mind trapped in the shade
Cracking codes for the man
Who only stand in the back of my brain
At last I done came up in the? Ay
True author like the great doctor Malachi York was

[Jim Jones]

You can't respect the amount jewels in this new wide movement
If you don't respect the amount of dudes in this too live movement
Me and Killa we like, um...., those two guys moving I-95 south dirty
With them two pies moving
Trying to increase our delightment
Trying to keep the excitement
But is hard in this bull-shitting game
Plus the secret indictments
And you co-conspirators
And you coke conspirators
Be easy on the phone dog, cause you know the hearing us
You styling them bitches
Cause you know they stare at us
This picture, it's so easy to draw
Stop and freeze at them whores
Then we speed off in cars
Then we breezing the law
Blowing that weed from my jaw
G's up hoe's down
Eastside to by dog (Eastside)
All the time man
Thanks for even asking
Or we be seen in apens
In that pool house that hot tub with that steam relaxing
And we be seen in action
Keep them fiends collapsing
And they thirsty and they nodding and they be scratching
They see me my actions
I cruise by in a beimer just laughing
I let that rock and roll
I coping poppy's load
It was like coping gold, I shut down poppy's load
I hit the strip dog
I see the cops signal
Now I'm living the life I got to stop and go's (spinning)
Big cars big stars like it's rock and roll let's rock and roll

[Jim Jones talking]

Dipset this is Jim Jones man capo status
Santana Killa The Don the album coming March nigga
Diplomatic Immunity Enuff Heavyhitters happy birthday... Nigga
Zeekey where you at?

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