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Dinosaur Jr. – Severed Lips lyrics

Severed Lips (J. Mascis)

I wanna help you.
I sense you're riding pretty low
I got the feeling
When your hair hits the ceiling
And there's something babe
You oughta know
I won't cry if you won't buy
But if were both kinda stumbling
Maybe I'll say "Hi"
That's my best
I never try that much
Cause I'm scared of feeling that healing touch
You gotta get through my maze, and passively test
Cause I'm choosing one love to
Tattoo across my chest

You know, the time has come
I ain't gonna fester no more
Let the world be free of my disease
I never knew a rubber doll
Would be so hard to please
Now I'm reachin out
One last burst before I retract
No one will know until I finally let go
Of the one thing I ain't gonna never get back

I wanna help you
Baby, can't you see?
You're better than my pillow
Cause you don't stain so easily, oh no
You know it's hard just to finally let go
And leave all the pictures behind
Hope I brought you some happiness
I believe I just had to get on
It just wasn't the world I was hoping to find...

-- "Severed Lips, Dinosaur Jr, _Dinosaur_

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