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Diggy Simmons – Unforgivable Blackness lyrics

They wanna take away my black card cause I gotta black card
Say I don't rap hard cause I don't act hard, but if I act hard they will
Say that's odd And they would still hate, I don't get that part
I'm too boys to be one of the boys Think I gotta man servant with ya pride
Of toy why y'all so salty? Too much sodium soy
Kill ya brother and it's you that you only destroy
Uh, why should I apologize? For my fathers wallet size?
Now they wanna give Voltaire and my mother shoulda been in eyes
Nawh, we done came too far why my brothers gotta fight like Mufasa and
Get caught up in the system that they profit enough and they don't see the
Profits at all!
Look how far we've come from singing freedom songs!
So why can't we get along? My brother why you questioning from this point
And to my homies I say... You can't deny
Background: forgivable... Blackness
Forgivable blackness

Yeahh. I could see Malcolm at the podium on the ground and Betty Shabazz
Holding him
He tried to fight it, but his wounds took a toll on him.
Got the king too, Man they got the both of em!
The government warmth of the petroleum in the streets too warm took control

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    I think the song is saying that back in the time of slavery, africans fought for their rights and usually celebrated by singing "freedom songs. " they (africans) have come too far to be having to face racism in this day and age or let pointless things cause problems between each other. As it has to do with diggy, himself, I guess people are saying that he is not black or hood enough to rap.
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