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Die Young – Graven Images lyrics

Two thousand years and nothing has changed
Still, palaces stand in your savior's name
Dominion: the righteous path of his children to rule the weak and squash the helpless

Fair christian, I too await the day on earth when the meek shall reign
But for now, as we serve the snakes, who will deliver the justice you crave?

Six billion lives, and soon to be ten!
Selling our souls for the chance to exist
Like cattle, we're branded and numbered,
Tied to machines and raped till our slaughter

Fair christian, I too believe humanity has been led astray
Should power stay in tyrants' hands there will be no deliverance for us

Your savior died for nothing, didn't he?

"There was only one true christian and he died on the cross" (Nietzsche)
Would he condone your palaces of gold as children starve?

Two thousand years and nothing's changed

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