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Dickies – Howdy Doody In The Woodshed Ii lyrics

His hair is red his eyes are green
He's like a person that you've never seen
He'll sing and dance he's been to france
But he doesn't seem to stand a chance

That's when i saw
Howdy doody in the woodshed (going down on buffalo bob)
Howdy doody in the woodshed (going down on buffalo bob)
Howdy doody in the woodshed (going down on buffalo bob)
The woodshed

A smarter man would never plan
To have so many splinters in his hand
And clarabelle would never tell
Coz he's afraid that he might go to jail

Well what became of big bird
I know it's gonna sound rather absurd
They found some yellow feathers and some other debris
Just underneath the peanut gallery
Ask mortimer snerd ask charlie mccarthy
Even oscar the grouch has seen his casting couch
That's when he caught a whiff of knucklehead smiff

And curse his job he works with bob
Coz he was swinging from an old corn cob
And that's the thing bob pulls the strings
So you know it when you hear me sing
Howdy doody howdy doody
Howdy doody in the woodshed

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