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Diamond – Never lyrics

F/ Sadat X, John Dough

" Never gonna give you up, no matter how you treat me" (Repeat 4x)


Now people used to tell me that if you smoked

You'd lose your hope, and it would stunt your growth

I used to chip in with the other young folks

Back when it came in little brown envelopes

Remember the day my moms found a tre

Bust my ass and at night I heard her pray

Lord don't let my boy succumb to

But it was too late, I already begun to

Hanging with the knuckleheads on my block

Smoking in the lobby looking out for cops

Sipping Private Stock, now my eyes are shifty

Who got me covered on the next $2. 50?

Nigga I ain't tripping, I passed out a few whippings

On deep throats in cheap coats who wouldn't chip in

It got me flipping, now everything's serene

Purple clouds and ultraviolet dreams

" Never gonna give you up, no matter how you treat me" (Repeat 4x)

[Sadat X]

My old moms said that the smoke would harm

I'd be a crackhead or die with a needle in my arm

Tried to playy me out, my father was smoking that good lye at the time

That old grown man brown weed with my aunts in the back

I'm a little nigga now saying " Why they acting like that?"

Coming out all high and laughy off some Richard Pryor tapes

Before he blew up his face trying to base

I was smoking weed when half the niggas with me now was fronting

When cats was anti-drugs there was weed seed in my rugs

I've been to the brown bags, the clear bags, and even the glass jars

I've been smoking with stars in parties and bars

I done got actresses high, the greatest athletes fucked up

Took some niggas from dc to the spot and they came and cracked a knot

And left the spot real hot, check it out

I get up in the morning, take a pee, and light up that good tree

Old girl often ask me why I always get so high

Because it keep me in touch and keep my shit on the smash

And I ain't down with Rudy G no more cause he done fucked up the hash

" Never gonna give you up, no matter how you treat me" (Repeat 4x)

[John Doe]

Picture me giving up my early moring marijuana

Reading a books, slef-entitled " The World According to? Scamas?"

Yo herbals make the world calmer

True fact, no drama, old timers still smoke like farmers

I done heard many tales about the chunky black

Guess that's why I prefer the chunky black

Every day I'm reminded bout the dangers of smoking

8 o'clock I'm rolling L's, by 8: 03 I be coughing

Rehab spots ain't for herb smokers

That's for extremely stressed stock brokers

Who bought four closers from a crack quoters smoke this

If you're offended by the fumes light an incense

She's not laced with infringements or buddhas

She wouldn't have the gall to fool us, please no intruders

She stays true to her students

Stayed loyal til I tamed her up

Took a trip to the greeny green kid and never gave her up

That's why

" Never gonna give you up, no matter how you treat me" (Repeat 4x)

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