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Devotchkas – Gone Crazy lyrics

Violence isn't an answer to problems you've got
But people sure use the excuse here alot
If you don't like someone or how they look
Show 'em your hatred with a left hook
How silly is this shit-its making me sick
Ruining fun by acting like pricks
I look around and see so much gone wrong
How much longer can this crap go on?

Has everyone all gone crazy?
I think everyone's all gone crazy!
Has everyone all gone crazy?
I think I'm going-gone-Crazy!

You pay eights bucks to get into the show
But it gets cut off early 'cause there's a fight-way to go!
I'm tired of calling it an early night
Because some tough bonehead went picking a fight
Someone once called your friend you now call a foe
So you "even the score" by striking a blow
This petty nonsense is giving punk a bad name
And hooligans like you are putting good kids to shame


How many more kids do you have to drop?
How many more venues will close before this stops?
How many more good times must come to a halt?
You can't even answer 'cause' you know you're at fault


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