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Delroy Wilson – Remember Your Nest lyrics

Don't you forget
That nest where you used to rest
For you, the Sir has done his very best
You are ungrateful to call him a bull
You should never forget that nest where you used to rest

The Duke and the Sir
Were like your mother and father
They both you'd honour
And respect, my friend
You are ungrateful to call them a bull
The Duke and the Sir and the King gonna victory

For you're the first man to milk a bull
So show me how you milk those bulls

Spit in the sky
It will fall in your eye, that's no lie
Two to have you
Against, my friend
You are ungrateful to call them a bull
The Duke and the Sir and the King gonna victory
The Duke and the Sir and the King gonna victory
Yeah, Duke and the Sir and the King gonna victory

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    The song is a jab at Prince Buster, who had started working for "Sir Coxsone" Dodd, but left him to start up his own sound system (which is basically a mobile discotheque) called Voice of the People. In this song the sentiment is that this was seen as a treacherous move. Over time, one can only say Buster made the right move, as Voice of the People not only became a very popular sound system in its own right, Prince Buster went on to become a major star in the Jamaican music scene as well, hereby also influencing many international artists with his songs as they were starting in the music scene. Shaggy hit with a cover of (one of) Buster's first releases "Oh Carolina", Madness covered his song "Madness", and recorded a song as a tribute to him called "The Prince", and the Specials burst onto the scene with "Gangsters", which was a remake of his song "Al Capone".
    However, the in the lyrics mentioned Duke, Sir and King (more personal information if you click their name in the lyrics) were the three undisputed rulers when it came to Sound System popularity in 50s and early 60s Jamaica. And, true to the lyrics, Buster never managed to surpass any of those three in popularity.
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