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Deitrick Haddon – You Are My Strength lyrics

Somebody's out there listening right now.
So please turn your radio oh oh oh. Yeah.

She planned to finish school and get a degree.
Start a business and make her own money.
But somehow her dreams didn't work out that way.
She fell in love at the age of sixteen.
Had two babies and she couldn't believe
That the boy she loved is now gone away.
But because you've had some setbacks in ya life.
It doesn't mean you shouldn't let, just let your dreams die.

Baby you're a star
Don't cha know who you are
Don't chu let anybody tell you nothin' different,
But you know what's in ya heart
But baby you're a star
Don't cha know who ya are
If you could only see what I see,
But first you must believe oh you're a star

He graduated at the top of the class
Had everything he needed and more.
And like eagle he was made to soar.
But at the wrong place, at the wrong time
Introduced to a drug that messed up his mind.
Lost so many years now he's makin' up for lost time
And you may have fallen on your journey my friend
But let me encourage you to get back up and try again

Baby you're a star
Don't cha know who you are
Don't let nobody tell you nothin' different,
But then cha know that's in ya heart.
But baby you're a star
That's you ya are
If you could only see what I see,
You first must believe baby you're a star

You are only human, you're born to make mistakes along the way
And God has blessed you with something that is so pure.
You just need some motivation, and need a little push
To get up off floor and walk through the dark

Baby you're a star ooh.
Don't let her tell ya nothin' different,
Than what ya know what's in your heart
Baby, baby, baby you're a star
You still can read to go, you got to take control
Baby you're a star oh.
Ah oh.
Ah oh.
I know, I know baby you're a star.
That's who you are.
Just make up in your mind that you were meant to shine.
Baby, you're a star
That's who ya are.

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