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Debbie Friedman – The Angels' Blessing lyrics

When the havens and the earth were finished,
God's creations sang on high
The heavens clapped, the mountains danced,
And tears fell from the sky.
The cold wind whistled furiously
And turned those tears to ice,
And snow and hail and crashing sounds
Started falling from the skies.
For the rumblings and crashing in the sky
For the mountains that dance with the heavens on high,
For the tears that fall and are touched
By the winds and by the cold,
We sing praises to the One of Being
Whose power and strength filss the world.
Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha'olam,
Shekocho u'g'vurato malei olam (2x)
Eish u'varad, sheleg v'kitor,
Ruach s'ara, osa d'varo.
Blessed is Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe,
whose power and migh pervade the world.
Fire and hail, rain and vapor,
stormy wind, fulfilling God's word.

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  • j
    This b'ra-chah and its translation was put together by Debbie, in consultation with, I think, Rabbi Stuart Kelman and Dr. Gail Dorff right after the Northridge quake. There being no specific B'ra-chah for earthquakes, this was a combination, and Debbie made it into a stand-alone song. She taught it to a class on liturgy the 3 taught at University of Judaism in la the next week!
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  • j
    A week after the Northridge quake I attended a 1-week Liturgy class which Debbie Friedman co-led with Rabbi Stuart Kelman and Dr. Gail Dorph at uj in la. Debbie, not finding a Bracha for earthquakes, combined 2 others to make the Bracha found here, for which she'd composed a 2 part song (already). I didn't know that B'ra-chah combined with these lyrics. Debbie was full of, shone out with creativity, beauty, kindness, and an impressive sense of humor. May her memory be for a blessing.

    When I think of Debbie Friedman's Angel Song I'm thinking of " May our right hand lead us closer to our godliness. May our left hand give us strength to face each day. Before us make our vision light our paths ahead and behind us may well-being heal our way. And all around is Sh'chinah, and within is Sh'chinah. Al y'mi-ni Mi-cha-eil, v'al s'mo-li Gav-ri-el. You-mi-l'fa-nai you-ri-el, you-mei-a-cha-rai R'fa-eil. You-mi-sa-viv Sh'chi-nah, you-bif-nim Sh'chi-nah.
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