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Dead Milkmen – Swordfish (Inc. Instant Club Hit Medley Thing) lyrics

Some people believe in astrology
Others believe in technology
Some people believe in all those "ologies"
But I believe in swordfish
He believes in swordfish

I believe in gravity
I believe in Joanie Loves Crotchie
I even believe in Melrose Place
And I believe in swordfish
He believes in swordfish

Oh, baby, look at you
Don't you look like Siouxsie Sioux
How long'd it take to get that way
What a terrible waste of energy
You wear black clothes say you're poetic
The sad truth is you're just pathetic
Get into the groove or just get out of my way
I came here to drink not to get laid
So why don't you just a' go on home
'Cause if you want to moan you'll have to moan alone

You'll dance to anything (x2)

Don't try to tell me that you're an intellectual
Cause you're just another boring asexual
"I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party"
Blow it out your hairdo 'cause you work at Hardees
80 pounds of make up on your art school skin
80 points of I. Q. Located within

Now that we're home
We can use our secret name for these people
We call them artfags!

Are you all familiar with the dance? Yeah.
The famous 3 part dance? Yeah.
The first part which is called the monkey and goes like this...

When I say 1, 2, 3, everybody do the monkey. I want even those people
Who showed up early for the batdance to do the monkey, all right?

1, 2, 3, do the monkey!

Yo, yo, yo, yo. The second part of the dance is called the junkie.
And the junkie goes like this...

Hence the reason for clean needles. Something that lazy piece of
Shit George Bush does not understand. Now, when I say 1, 2, 3, monkey,
Junkie - I want you to give me a little bit of the monkey, then a
Little bit of the junkie.

Have you got it?

1, 2, 3, monkey junkie!

Wait! The third part and final part of my dance - is called the honky.
And the honky goes like this...

Dear, I think our new neighbours might be ethnic!

So when I say 1, 2, 3, monkey, junkie, honky. I want you to give me a
Little bit of the monkey, a wee bit of the junkie, then I want you to
Give me your best Dan Quayle impersonation, and say "Dear, I think our
New neighbours might be ethnic! "

Everybody down
Everybody down
Get your asses on the ground
Sit down on the ground

Down there on your tush
Down there on your tush
Like you're sittin' on George Bush
Like you're squattin' on George Bush

Get down there on your tail
Get down there on your tail
Like you're sittin' on Dan Quayle
Like you're sittin' on Dan Quayle
"I can spell potato, can you?"

Is everybody down? - Get your asses down
Is everybody down?
We should stop fuckin' round
'Cause all the cool people are down

1, 2, 3, monkeyjunkiehonky

Dear, I think our new neighbours are ethnic!

Dear, I think our new neighbours are ethnic!

Joe, cut loose! Do whatever you want!

We maybe doing something wrong
We could be running just a little too long
I guess we better end this song
I say I believe in swordfish
Crowd: He believes in swordfish

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