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De La Soul – Do As De La Does lyrics

(yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Uh-huh! All right now! Oh yeah! Yo! Word! Oh! Yeah! Uh-huh!)

Yo yo yo yo! We got de la soul in the house, the producer prince paul, P. A. Mase, and I wanna know one thing! Yo, yo! You gotta show right up your hands, let me hear you say aa-ow!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Plug one on the mic, p-l-you-g-o-n-e, yo what's up, you know about jimmy, you know about jenny, I want everybody in this place, c'mon, say plug it up!
(plug it up!)
Say plug it up!
(plug it up!)
You got somebody next to you with some bad-ass breath, I want you to tell that brother, come on, tell him "take a luuden!"
(take a luuden!)
Say take a luuden!
(take a luuden!)
Plug two!

Sto-o-op! Here we go!
If you like to drink some soda, let me hear you say coca-cola!

Ah yeah, pump it, pump it, ah yeah, pump it up!
You if you got doo doo in your pocket, you got doo doo in your pocket, put one hand in the air like this, wave it back and forth, say doo doo!
(doo doo!)
Say doo doo!
(doo doo!)
Come on! Ah yeah!

Yeah yeah this is plug three! This is plug three! Yeah! Say hoo!

Popmaster hight:
Hey de la soul, you fucking lasagne heads, that's better than my mama's lasagne! Hey! Hey, come on! That was freakin' a, man! I really wanna take it back home with me, you know! I really get int
Are fuckin' music! It's so excellent! Ah, you big sconzilli heads! De la soul's so fuckin' great!

Let me hear you say 'i like to eat that... '

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