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David Usher – See You Fall lyrics

Just another afternoon and I'm choking down tea for two
When you've flown so far away, and you know I'm waiting
When the consequence of rage comes crashing through the living room floor
When I thought I'd found a life, seems I've been mistaken
So i'll take the paid holiday, but I just can't set foot on the plane
Well your voice gets in the way, guess i'll drive cross country

[Chorus x 2]
I see you fall I see you fall,
I've never seen you look so beautiful

Well my suits been pressed and cleaned
And I've never seen you people before
Well we'll wander through the town
And we'll sing our sad songs
As I lower you into the ground
And you've never seen these people before
With the bullets falling all around
And they sing their sad songs

[Chorus x 2]
I see you fall I see you fall, I've never seen you look so beautiful

I just keep moving, I see you watching
I see you waving from the window
And I think I'm falling
Just keep driving
There is nothing to forgive now

[Chorus x 2]
And I see you fall I see you fall
I've never seen you look so beautiful

Hold on, hold on, hold on......

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