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David Gates – I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye lyrics

Can't say I don't love her
Still I can't pretend
That my heart is torn
Just knowing that
I'm losing my best friend
If it's easier said than done
Then someone tell me why
Though I tried
I can't find the words to say
I could tell her that I'm sorry
And hope she'll understand
She will have to do
With someone else
All that we had planned
I'd rather, her, hear the truth
Than hurt her with a lie
So I tried
But I can't find the words to say
Now I know, I have to go
There's no other way
But goodbye is not what I
Can't bring myself to say
If I told her see you later
Then I might be wrong
'Cause this voice inside
Is driving me
To find where I belong
And I know I must leave her now
But every time I try
Don't know why
But I can't find the words to say
Don't know why
I can't find the words to say

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    He still loves her, but only as his best friend, not as a girl friend like it used to be. He feels the need to tell her that he can no longer be with her to live their dreams, so she must find another man to pursue those plans with. But he finds it hard to be straightforward in telling her about his change of feelings as he might lose her too as a friend.
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    Written in a way you can place several meanings, like many good songs. Could be two lovers, or even just two really close friends who planned to live as best friends forever, but for some reason have found over time their relationship has changed and while it would now be easier to say goodbye & walk away, you wish for the friendship to be rescued somehow, which is why no matter how you try you just can't say goodbye, even though part of you feels it may be best if you did. Your mind is telling you to say farewell and go, but your heart won't let you.
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    It hurts when he tells you he's not in love with you anymore. But would you rather want him to stay even if he doesn't feel the same way and he doesn't want you to be part of his future anymore? Just like what this song say, "i'd rather, her, hear the truth, than hurt her with a lie. "
    It's unfair, but in the positive point of view. You should be grateful it was already over. So that the right guy could walk into your life. =)
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