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David Crosby – Thousand Roads lyrics

David Crosby
David Crosby: Vocal, Electric Guitar
Jeff Pevar: Lead Electric Guitar
James 'Hutch' Hutchinson: Bass
Michael Finnigan: Keyboards
Jody Cortez: Drums
Instrumental (Electric Guitars)
I used to walk around with my eyes on fire
My nerves real close to my skin
Had a fist full of questions and a brand on my cheek
And we would skate where the ice got thin

And the smoke blowin' down from a cabin on a hilltop
Smoke blowin' down in the street
Some kind of sweet smellin' mystical backdrop
To the story unfolding at my feet

There's an edge to the twist of an acrobat in the air
There's an edge to the twist of a knife
There's a hard heart of darkness hovering there
Just around the corner from life

And I, I have no answers
I got no patented path to set you free
Besides I wouldn't know where you wanted to go
And it's probably not the same place as me

Instrumental (Electric Guitar)
There's a thousand roads up this mountain
You can get lost in a minute if you try
And it's probably enough that I was just laughing today, yeah
Lookin' this close in your eye

I said there was a thousand roads up this mountain
You can get lost in a minute if you try
It's probably enough that I was just laughing today, yeah
Looking this close in your eye, in your eye
In your eye

Instrumental Ending (Electric Guitars)
© 1992 Stay Straight Music (BMI)

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    Thousand Roads/Hero- This song describes me
    I drive a fast Car 240km Dash, Twin Cam no roads for this speed in Zambia. I almost kick my a* - I was too fast one night and got too close to the car in my front coz it had no tail lights (Too fast for control)and time I realised to zoom to my right side there was another vehicle and it was on the over path bridge, next (tooo low to fly)but managed not hit either vehicles and there I was my on top of the middle pavement, the vehicle sliding with all the wheels suspended- all I could see in my rearview mirror was fire showers of sort of arc welding or probably batman car fires. Whoopsy I was holding the steering (hero knew what he was doing and was not afraid fight on) and said (too young to die) kept on going down slope bursted two tyres, bent three rims the time I was touching back the road I was giving it more gas till my friend shouted Steve leave car alone!. S*t was a bud I night coz all the folks around thought we were dead. I apologized to my friends and sorry learn a lesson from this.
    David's muzik movies you, it has power, makes you real, gives you the picture, you don't easily give up, Superb in love with this kind of touch.
    Steve Zozo 1
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