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Dave Matthews Band – Weight Of The World/Leave Me Praying lyrics

Oh in excitement
Home that we call this
We charge with an eye on the line
And we go over
Oh proud and strong
We come down on babies and mothers
And leave them to die
While we plant all over
And call it home

So weep at life
And leave me pray there
But still I should call it home
Native soil
Has anyone stolen land
And I love it like no other

And now my grandfather say
Open your charge
You charge when the trumpet calls
Blow on your flute
Pound on your drum
Victory calls
Oh no mother or child could
Resist any strong beat
Drive on west
We will plant we will grow

Wait and see my heart is bleeding
But still I should call it home
And teach my babies
My sons and my daughters
To love this place
And share it with no one

Then we started we shouted we drunk on the bounty
I will plant my wheat
I will hold my land here
I will protect my ones
I will protect my golden
I will stand up on top
And scream that I own land

But what if the spirit lies in this way
Still should I call it home
And then I will tell
My sons and my daughters
To hold it so dear
And share it with all
Then I will tell
My sons and my daughters
To hold it so dear
And share it with everyone

This land is your land
This land is my land
From California to the New York islands
From the red wood forests
To the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me

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