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Dave Matthews Band – Proudest Monkey lyrics

Swing in this tree
Oh I am bounce around so well
Branch to branch,
Limb to limb you see
All in a day's dream
I'm stuck
Like the other monkeys here
I am a humble monkey
Sitting up in here again
But then came the day
I climbed out of these safe limbs
Ventured away
Walking tall, head high up and singing
I went to the city
Car horns, corners and the gritty
Now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen
Monkey see, monkey do

Then comes the day
Staring at myself I turn to question me
I wonder do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in well
Oh things were quiet then
In a way they were the better days
But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen
Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey see, monkey do


Oh I Used to live in a tree
I loved it but I thought it wasn't enough for me...
So I paved a road to the city
For me... And for the rest of the monkeys
I'm on the scene-
Yes I'm on the scene... Again.
Yes I'm this proud monkey... Leading the way.
When we must leave...
For good
I am the proudest monkey...
That I'm aware o'
Monkey see, monkey do, hit my tail.
Monkey see, monkey do.

When I walk, I walk so tall
Not bent all double over...
Like the other monkeys, that I know
But still I don't know:
If I'm so good or
If heavens the place to go or
If hell is where we were
If Sinnin'g's what we do
I know that I'm A smartest monkey
That I am aware o'
Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey see.

Who are they
Who are they everywhere
Who is this monkey
Thinks he is so great
Who taught this monkey to
We taught this monkey to
Turn in the trail of his friends?
We are the proudest monkeys
We are the proudest monkeys
You and me are the proudest monkeys
You and I am the proudest monkeys
Monkey see, monkey do.

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