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Das Efx – New Stuff lyrics

Boogie banger, krayzie drayzie, word up
Yeah yeah, rock-rock on
Hit squad world supremacy, kid
Whattup? , rock-rock on....., yeah
Rock-rock on....., keep it live, du

Verse one: skoob

We on some wiggity-world renowned, comin back for the crown
Time to show these rappin cats how diggity-das get down
Still keepin real, smoke el's and still pack steel
Stiggity-still be on the streets of bk with cat skill
Oil rap spill, riggity-rhymin over tracks ill
I rock the benz, I rock the range, bliggity-black grill
Kid go pro, sellin ten and a half mil
It's the end of the world so mc's write ya will
Boogie bang throw fatigues on then strike to kill
Sewer rats underwater, formin, rap seals
Riggity-reppin on the regular, bliggity-black, I'm tellin ya
Emergency, call up p on the cellular
911, escape the hood on tour
So riggity-radio cats can take the tapes off pause
We're overseas on the bomb, chevrolet, yukon
Reunion (the hit squad, def squad), let's get it on


Das efx - riggity rock rock on rock on
Hit squad - riggity rock rock on rock on
P-boy - riggity rock rock on rock on
Jersey - riggity rock rock on rock on
Brooklyn - riggity rock rock on rock on
Uptown - riggity rock rock on rock on
Killer queens - riggity rock rock on rock on
Strong isle - riggity rock rock on rock on

Verse two: dray

Piggity-pockets tight, diggy-das on the website
Cops and 'stop' signs, niggas is red lights
Kiggity-can't get too deep cos the feds tapped the mic
Generation efx, ressurrect as jesus christ
Riggity-rippin it, for die-hard fans continuous
War with us, the whole industry on the injured list
Diggity-das efx, dray and skoob snap necks
We're liggity-livin, eatin off these here rap cheques
Fancy cars, women, epmd, p-a, richmond
In this rap game, giggity-get in where you fit in
Fit in where you get like mines, on your man's friend
Collect platinum like jordan collect championships
Biggity-bust a cannon, like punani keep the system slammin
Doin 90 in augusta-made lex landin
Shorty feelin this, to shiggity-shake that ass, get busy, girl
Das efx biggity-back off to disneyworld


Pmd - riggity rock rock on rock on
Das efx - riggity rock rock on rock on
Shaolin - riggity rock rock on rock on
Shaolin - riggity rock rock on rock on
*shoutouts to end*

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