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Daryl Hall – What's Gonna Happen To Us lyrics


I saw on the tv we're sellin' arms to the enemy
So he can blow us all down
When we charge with the cards in our hands
And men in power places are resigning
'cause even in high seats the woman is still fighting with the man
And tho I thought the time of the tough guy was just about over
Here comes another savior to stir the soldiers in the field
But what do the generals think about while the soldiers are dying
'cause the rallying cries don't reach 'em
And if they could feel they'd say

What's gonna happen to us

Does your shrink say find out who you are
Before you try to become a part of me
I'd think you'd want to anyway
She can't help you live out a middle-class fantasy
But can she talk you into leavin'
When your heart tells you to stay
Just when I thought the era of the guru was over
Here comes another savior to stir the soldiers in the field
What does the teacher care about while the student is trying
'cause your crying mind don't reach her
If she could feel she'd say

What's gonna happen to us

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