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Dark Tranquillity – The Emptiness From Which I Fed lyrics

Silence in shivering solitude
Obigations pressure for all to bear
All the pitiful answers, the innocent lies
Can mere words fill
The emptiness from which I fed?
Be gone. Oh yielding evidence of greed
Safe now on the other shore
Behind: The emptiness from which I fled
Can silence be shared?
If so, can the perception of silence
Fit into the frame which is to represent
The unity for which we stand?
The confines representing a timeless sacrifice
No eye can of silence tell lie
Silence, yet the absence of sound
Does not feed me
The essence of beauty alone
Fall silent to lingering charm
Brought forth be the sun
Shed light on the emptiness
What can be extracted from nothing
What can be found within the emptiness
Be gone, Oh yielding evidence of greed
Safe now on the other shore
Behind: the emptiness from which I fed

Brought forth be the errors of our ways
As is denial so is contempt
Introspective to all but one
Tear apart the frames
No eye can of silence tell lie
How can I even begin
The battle where noone wins
From answers I now flee
Screaming out to an avail
Have I become what for so long I've dread
The missing pieces
Must now be replaced
What eyesight fails to grasp
Is the emptiness from which I fled

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    The emptiness is talking about feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. Feeding from it is wallowing in it and cathartically expressing it. The song goes through his attempts to deal with the emptiness. The first verse talks about society's pressures and his weak answers to them, and his attempts to hide his feelings of guilt. Then he's kind of asking the philosophical question of whether people can feel unity through experiencing loneliness or if they are too selfish. The writer is wondering what can ever overcpme his despair and whether he's becoming the weak, malicious type he hates through his isolation and excessive reflection.
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