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Dark Angel – Pain's Invention, Madness lyrics

Chains shackle me
With truth I'm face to face
Backed up in between
A damp cage I remain
In the cell of numb despair
The chill engulfs my veins
There's only one notion that I revere
The only truth in life is pain

It levels and crushes at it's free will
My doomed fate will soon be sealed

Pain's invention, madness
Preys behind my eyes
Pain's invention, madness
Now I realize
Pain's invention, madness
Though I'll not break free
Pain's invention, madness
Truth eternally

Beyond my grasp is a life
That I will never attain
Happiness, joy, not in sight
Supplanted by truth's dark reign
Physical, mental agony shows
Along which my life revolves
Either you feel it, or you don't
There are never lies involved

Clutching to my abnormality
Hand in hand with destiny

Pain's invention, madness
Preys behind my eyes
Pain's invention, madness
Now I realize
Pain's invention, madness
Though I'll not break free
Pain's invention, madness
Truth eternally

When you are pumping full of life
The one sensation that you have
Can penetrate through love or hate
Existence on a higher plane
In death and life, both the domains
Surrender totally to pain

I slip and claw and scream
It calls
Leave me alone with me
It yearns
I'm bleeding from my brain
It needs me
I'm helpless, trapped behind
Its walls
Tearing apart my mind
It burns
Upon my naked soul
It feeds

Streams of consciousness fill the page
As my nerve endings scream in rage
Deliver me to the darkest age
As Desade sits at center stage

My flesh is but a portal now
To wisdom and truth I am avowed

Pain's invention, madness
Pain's invention, madness

Twisting through the door
Am I nevermore?
My breath I can feel
Therefore I am real

I've succumbed to there heinous sins
And I'll never be forgiven
Shackled and bound, my new life I've found
And I've tasted the fruits forbidden

I've craving more
Of pain's overtures
Liberation is near
And I have nothing to fear

In this journey of self-discovery
I have found the keys to be set free
In this wicked course, I've uncovered the force
That will keep me vital eternally

Pain's invention, madness
The force that preys behind my eyes
Pain's invention, madness upon me
Pain's invention, madness
It takes this long to realize
Pain's invention, madness, has set me free

Of mere mortality
Tortured infliction
Is now my addiction
Constant agony
Has created me
I am suffering
Through this atrocity

I'm not blind to what I might find
Squirming way down deep inside my labyrinthine mind
Inhibitions removed, replaced with scar tissue
And I'm punished with blades of my lobotomizing suit

I've sought this dream
In it's violent extreme
Now my pleasure is clear
Though the lesson's severee

My will is strong, but I could be wrong
This new doctrine for which I've been searching all along is
The religion of truth through administration of pain
The body only takes so much before it drives the mind insane

As a matter of fact, my friend
I've come to my bitter end
It's not a torture rack I'm in
Though I can still pretend
It's a jacket of white with buckles and straps
Not a pleasure device at all
It keeps me safely under wraps
While I'm chained to this padded wall

Hear my cries...
You'll never know

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