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Daniele Liverani – Terminate lyrics


I Could Not Imagine That
One Of The Best Kings Of The League
Would Have Been So Insane!
To Admit A Human Under Our Gate
This Is The Firt Time
That One Of Us Profaned
The Rules Of Our Land

It's Really Dangerous
Soon He'll Be Waking Up
If We Don't Stop His Guide
He Will Remember All He Saw
And Surely He Would Tell
All The Humans That Reminded
The Truth About The Dream World

There's No Time Left!
We Must Act
The Safety Of Our Secret World Of Dreams

There's No Time Left!
We Must Act
We Have To Terminate The Twin Spirit

He Will Be Paying
For All Of The Great Mess That He's Caused
He Will Lose The Domain
Of The Whole Kingdom He Betrayed!
There Will Be A Change
He Will Be Replaced!
By Another King

We'll Take Away His Son
And There Will Be No Heirs At All
A Moan Has Started
I'm Sure You All Will See
This Is The First Time
That One Of Us Profaned
The Truth About The Dream World

There's No Time Left!
We Can't Risk The Whole
Safeties Of The Entire World Of Dreams!
There's No Time Left!
We'll Have To
Terminate His Twin Spirit
Before The Human Awakes
We Must Terminate His Twin Spirit

That's The Only Way
To Keep Safer
All The Secrets Of Our Reign

[Maindream stopped his speech to officialy pronounce the final sentence about Mc Chaos' Family destiny. He used tha ancient "Dreamish" language. It was a very stange and difficult language that was traditionally used by the presidents for formal announcements of important decisions to the Dream League council. Only the Kings were able to understand that ancient language....]
[Maindream (Dreamish Language) : Khloich chich chich dout figt thegat fait' aaautret heeroullah iearallwoow!]
[Maindream: There's No Time Left We Can't Risk The Whole The Safety Of The Secret World Of Dreams! There's No Time Left We Mut Act! We Have To Terminate The Twin Spirit, Terminate...]

A few hours after the sentence, in the still of the night, Maindream in person and some of the Dream League force soldiers silently reached Mc Chaos' Palace. The King was arrested, and his baby was sent to the Toy's warehouse in the Asian Dream's Kingdom. This was a terrible thing, because Mc Chaos knew that his son would have been destroyed...

[Genius noticed that the anxiety of his friend was rising... Twin Spirit N. 32 was always more and more worried about the situation and had the feeling that something bad would have happen soon...]

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