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Damian "Junior Gong" Marley – It Was Written lyrics

[feat. Stephen Marley, Capleton & Drag-On]

Chorus (Stephen Marley)

It was written up in the book of life
That man shall endure forever more
It was written up in the book of life
That man shall endure forever more


Well did you know the pen
Is stronger than the knife
They can kill you once
But they canÕt kill you twice
Did you know destruction of the flesh
Is not di ending to life
Fear not of the anti-christ
Did you know that I
Exist before the earth
And did you know my eyes
Are window to the world
Did you know you can't go ah Zion
And ah wear jerry curls
Can't tell di boys from di girls
Your bodies just a vehicle
Transporting the soul
It's what's inside people
Is beauty to behold
Fear not of evil
Every day dem flesh it grow old
Changes of the times take a toll


Verse (Capleton)


A vester on his chest
And Rastafari is his name
A gift of everlasting life
For us to all sustain
Blessing that you all be got
Lessons taught you all forgot
Rasta call I shit you not
Do you remember Elijah
And his chariot of flames
Same blood dat run thru my veins

Verse (Capleton)


Verse (Drag-On)


Watch for sticks and stones
Stumbling blocks in piles
Life is one big road
Miles on top of miles
So blessed be the soul
That always remains a child
And most people don't even smile
There's a natural mystic
Blowing in true the air
So keep it realistic
And always be aware
The truth is crying out
And itÕs so loud and so clear
But most people won't even hear
Spiritual pollution is in the atmosphere
And with so much confusion
Can one be happy here
The gift of Rastafari is for all man to share
But some would rather to be so unfair


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    Our soul is eternal. Don't let this fake world strike fear in our hearts for we only need love. We were once divine beings and we let the physical world corrupt our consciousness. Its time for humanity to see the truth. For our physical mental state: seeing is believing. For our spiritual side: believing is seeing. Death only strikes fear in our hearts because we are attatched to our materials. From loss of possessions to losing our loved ones. The physical world will always be here and we are always connected to each other in ways a lot of people cannot comprehend. Do not grasp on other lower emotions. Let love prosper and you will find inner peace.
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