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Da Brat – Look At Me Now lyrics

I've got a big booty bitch, Rose bottles popping
I ain't gonna say none, look at me, I make...
Stay watching, stay watching, stay rocking!
This shit right here, should be a crime,
Niggaare right here trying to do me,
That will take you a whole lifetime, lifetime!
Them pretty bitches love me, oh!
I'm on my Chris Brown,
South side Shawty made it to L. A. Town.
She suck it whole night, all right,
Hannah, prepare yourself, you're so, so,.

Look at me now, look at me now!
I stay getting paper!
Look at me now, look at me now, yeah!
I'm fresher than the,
Let go!

When I say fresh I don't need to grieve,
Pull it to the flow,
You're missing your girl,
Niggaare, come see me, she ride up in my vip.
Fun, that girl tried to eat me, my money go, than...
Tired of doing that doggie, this bitch she talkin' 'bout teach me.
Man, hold up, look at all that ass!
Anyway, I don't smoke, but if I did,
I guess it's time to puff puff pass
Let's go!

Well I'm feelin like a winner cause I'm free
I aint gotta walk around as a inmate
And I been off the scene for a minute
But I'm back in da fat and da fact is I'm great
Couldn't wait for the parole board
To gon gimme a release date
February 28th
Now I'm home on the phone
24 tryna capitalize and get mo dough
So so!
I'm bout to take advantage of every oppurtunity I can
Manage and do more damage than I have ever done
I'm capable of lyrically assasinating a hater I fascinate
Em for da hell of it I make it fun
You don't wanna run up on the one that's in the hummer
Wit a honey muh fuckas all louisville sluggers
Aint noun one of us no suckas (No)
Aint noun one of us no bustahs
All hustlers
Yeah how I gotta get it
Cause I gotta get it
While the gettin gettin good
Lil engine that could
Came from the bottom with nothin up out the hood
I aint finna let nothin stop it I wish I would
Even though I'm labeled a criminal ima better individual
Look at me now feet on the ground
People around supportive
Surround myself with the most important
I'm fortunate
I'm scortchin it
And for the record aint nobody better I'm hotter than
Ever and I'm scortchin this
Ecstatic to be recordin this
Hypothetically a fanatic when I'm at it
Me and the mic married
Like nick and mariah carey
Steadily stay ready
Heavily going steady
Happily ever after
Begin a new chapter back at ya
It's the B to da are. A. T.
Look at it

Look at me now, look at me now!
I stay getting paper!
Look at me now, look at me now, yeah!
I'm fresher than the,
Let go!

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