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Cursive – Sink To The Beat lyrics

I'll try to make this perfectly clear;
I'm so transparent that I disappear
These words I lyrically defecate,
Upon songs I boldly claim to create

Clint steps in to establish the beat
4-4 hip hop and you don't stop,
This unique approach to start an EP
Intended to shock, create a mystique
A cheap strategy, a marketing scheme,
Building awareness for the next LP

They got a good fan base,
They got integrity,
They got a DC sound,
Shudder To Think, Fugazi
And Chapel Hill, around the early 90's
This is the latest from Saddle Creek

Some melodies are like disease,
They can inflame your misery
They will infect your memories
They haunt me

Some memories are like disease,
They can inflame your misery
They will infect your melody
They haunt me

I write these words with my motherly intuition
I shape these sounds into harmonic apparitions
But I can see, through these haunting themes,
My moldy dreams, are debased
By the same hands that shape them

I'll try to make this perfectly clear;
I'm so reflective I am a mirror
These words I'm driving into the ground,
The same words I scream out over the crowd

I'm just an airwave rolling 'round
I storm and crash without a sound
There's all these islands out at sea, I can't reach

I'm just an airplane diving down,
I storm and crash without a sound
Engines exploding silently, out at sea

Where waves caress unstable egos,
Is where melody is completely swallowed
Where song writers, chain their songs to their ankles
And they sink to the beat,
Til stops and puts under pressure

Let it burst and bloom

Hit song
Let it burst and bloom (x4)

Sink to the beat (x3)

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