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Crystal Eyes – The Dragon's Lair lyrics

[Music: Mikael Dahl o L: yrics: Andreas Gotesson]

Way up north where the eagles sore,
Beneath a mountain, whitin it's core
There's a treasure, you've been told,
Lakes of silver and hills of gold
But the stories they also told
About the dragon who killed the bold
Who dare to enter his dark domains
To steal his treasure, they died in flames!

Into the darkness you go
Defying the dangers ahead
In search for silver and gold
Driven by greed

Upon his treasure lies the creature rare
A sleeping beast of fire and air
Well, enter thief now if you dare
Yes enter fool! The dragon's lair

Down in the dungeons you make your way
In total darkness, is it night or day?
Slowly sneaking on soundless feet,
Moving towards the increasing heat
The smell of sulphur, the gragon's near,
But so is the treasure so don't feel fear
The call of gold you just can't deny
In death awaits: well, you have to try


Shining silver and glittering gold
It's beyond your wildest dreams
And you steal with eyes that gleams
But the sound of ringing gold
Wakes the beast of stories told
The rattling coins seal your fate
With a single glance into his crystal eyes,
Your greedy soul is lost, turned to ice!

[Solo: Nyberg - Dahl]
[Pre- Chorus]

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