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Cryptic Wintermoon – Angels Never Die lyrics

The End of day, the fading light
Falls on the sentinel of night
The guardian of her tombstone
Forgotten and alone

She cries below the moonshine
All memories of her fade in time
Impressions of her beauty
From beyond the grave

The time has passed so slowly
An old man now I am
Lived a life so senseless
Waiting for the end

The time has cracked your tombstone
A sign of the decay
On a grave so nameless
The inscription washed away

They said Angels never cry
But I saw her cry
They said Angels never die
But I saw her die

All life I spent praying, praying for my death
Waiting for my doomsday, to do my final step
A journey to world, without loneliness and pain
A journey to a world, to get her back again.

They said Angels never cry
But I saw her cry
They said Angels never die
But I saw her die

Shadows fill my mind
I take my final breath
I leave the world behind
Into a long awaited death [2x]

Deathlike silence
Fills the night
Then an angel appeared
In the shining light

A release for a praying man to die
A release for a bitter man who cries
A release for a lonely man in the end
The fulfill of the love which I demand

A touch of her makes me remember as if it was yesterday
The strings of life are cut, my soul starts to drift away
Into another world our souls will unify
A lifetime of pain is forgotten
A life long I wanted to die

They said angels never cry
But I saw her cry
They said angels never die
But I saw her die
I thought a livetime it was a lie
But it was no lie
She came back to me again
Just as I died.

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