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Cross Canadian Ragweed – Down lyrics

Got one foot in front of the other
Got the wind at my back
Got the bluebird of happiness on my shoulder
Along with everything I could pack

Won't get me down
Won't get me down
Dig a hole, put me in the ground
Won't get me down

This old guitar done some livin'
And it's made a livin' for me
Well it's seen it's share of barfights
And it's sat in the corner cryin' for me

Won't get it down
Won't get it down
If it never made another sound
Won't get it down

Wears my ring on her finger
We swore we'd always be true
There's no doubt I'd love to linger
Long after this whole world is through

Won't get us down
Won't get us down
Slander us all over town
Won't get us down

There's a man they call Jesus
And he did a lot for me
Everything we do he sees us
Yeah he walks through eternity

Won't get him down
Won't get him down
Crucified with a thorny crown
Won't get him down

Won't get him down
Won't get him down
Someday he'll be back around
Won't get him down

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