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Crimson Glory – Lonely lyrics

She awakens from a dream to a silent roomwhere shadows speak of memories
Another sleepless night,
Afraid to face the day

It seems so long ago she shared the loveshe feels so deep insideher love will never die,
But still she feels so lonely...

Lonely in love
Lonely in love

She wakes up to another daywith everything going wrongshe wonders where she would beif she had never seen his faceshe turns on the radio,
But it's playing that same old song
She's pouring another drinkto drown away the memory of it all

She can't wait another nighttake another dayshe doesn't want to be

Lonely in love
Lonely in love

There's a feeling she can't explain
That no one can understandshe just needs to get away
But there's no where that she can go
Tomorrow's so far away
She's longing for yesterday
If she could just turn back time
She wants to leave the world behind it all

She can't wait another night
Take another day
She doesn't want to be

Lonely in love

Lonely in love
Lonely in love
Lonely in love

The night will fade, the sun will shine
A new day - Lonely in love
And light the way for you to find

New love

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