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Crime Mob – Big Boy Pimpin' lyrics

You big boy pimpin (16x)
If she walk into ya car(you big boy pimpin)
A neighboorhood superstar(you big boy pimpin)
If you buyin out the bar(you big boy pimpin)
And you kno you livin large(you big boy pimpin)-2x
I'm big boy pimpin yeah I be spendin 100's and 50's lil J got plenty pockets be too fat I be's a cool cat can't spend on them H. I just can't do that you kno I get dough get some and get mo I don't buy 1 trey I but a S. Load these B. Need me they F. Me then feed don't make no house wife I kno goddamn free

[gurl verse]
I could be a pimp if I wanna bossin these niggas arounds till they answer get my money then sumthin goin down I make niggas go crazy got them callin me baby spendin there entire paycheck on the regular basis I get my hair done nails too then I go and get some clothes don't ask me no questions cause you kno everything I say goes aint got no love for niggas and that's how it gotta be pimpins in my blood for life so hate the game but don't hate me

I be big boy pimpin I got 'run' in all my whips when I mash on the gas I leave tracks like a glimpes I got broads in every zip I get zips in every low livin large takin charge gettin money from these hoes then they count it bank role pockets swole like it ace livin life to the fullest cause it's money I love to make somethin I got to say cause it's my I gena. Big boy pimpin summer spring fall and winter cause ima winna

[gurl verse]
Big gurl pimpin systems hittin 20's spinnin on the lent my hair stay fixed wit brand new kiks dallas get grand pockets the thick cause ima mack wit this pimpin shit you kno I'm on some other shit cause if it aint about no money then it makin no shit trips on a shoppin spree ballin aint nothin to me prada, apple bottom, lebi, loui, and gucci no exceptions no exclusives boy yo ass betta pay me so if you want some of this pimpin shit come holla at me baby


I'm big boy pimpin in this thang wit so much game these hoes kept runnin on me cause I aint lyin see shorty do her thang ya boy wont change so many hoes callin but I don't kno they name cause ima goddamn pimp and don't let that be mistakein they call me M. I. G and these hoes be chasin I put the dang tootsie roll in they mouth like wats shakin cause ima big boy pimp and most these niggas be fakin


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