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Cretin – Cook The Cupcake lyrics

I'm woken with a piss shower
In their filthy shack
I can't remember how they got me
Or why I'm tied down on my back

Three cretins hold me hostage
And make me play their games
The leader has a tiny head
And rapes me everyday
His friend is missing all his teeth
And covers me in drool
The small one makes me eat his shit
And dances as I do

They like to hear me beg and plead
They taunt me with their nonsense speech
They leave sometimes—I don't know where
The doorknob's just beyond my reach

We play a game called "Cook the Cupcake"
Where I hold food in my ass
They kick me and it pops right out
Junior eats it very fast
Toothless scares me with a knife
Then beats my ear and I pass out
I softly dream of pleasant things
But wake with c*** inside my mouth

Then one day they let me go
I stumble out the door
I run for miles but realize that
They're really after more
They chase me till I fall into
A pit they've dug for me
Then they play "Salty Rain"
And ejaculate on me

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