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Craig Herbertson – The Fish lyrics

The Laird John Clerk wis a belted knight
His keeper cam frae Penicuik
My brother wis just a fisherman
Frae Northfield farm in Edinbra

The Laird John Clerk held a fine estate
Bonnie fields and bright waters
His deer and game were sae widely famed
The talk o' a' the poachers

His keeper was a canny man
Guid guardian fir his masters'
On the salmon run wi his dog and gun
A dei'l fir the slaughter

My brother Keith wis a gallous lad
And dearly loved the poaching
Wi his rod and reel he gang aft to steal
A fish frae Clerkie's waters

In the deep o night, in pale moonlight
My brother watched the waters
Oe'r the croaking frogs came the bark o dogs
And the keeper there behind them

It's under moon and ower muir
Frae Northfield farm tae Penicuik
Wi his belt and knife he'd tae run fir his life
To dodge auld Clerkie's keeper

A' through the night he ran and hid
But the keeper could'na catch him
And he lost his gear by the ruined weir
His rod an a' his tackle

But in the light he saw a fish
A salmon in low water
Wi nae rod and reel just a guddlers feel
He threw her frae the water

And it's ower hills and far awa
Frae Penicuik through Duddingston
Wi a heart so blithe fir tae run fir his life
To dodge auld Clerkie's keeper

The lady Nairn had a canny cook
A chancer for a bargain
And he boucht the fish for auld Clerkie's dish
And nane tae be the wiser

Auld John Clerk, he got his fish
His keeper got the tackle
The cook got mair than a gillie's share
But my brother got the better

Rod and reel, field and stream
Mair midges ower the water
Let others seek where the salmon leap
My brother wis a fisherman

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