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Craig Cardiff – Dumbest lyrics

Of all of the dumb things that I've done this must be the dumbest
Calling you up this drunk to say
This will be the last time the very very last time I call to say

O how the cops knew to wonder when wondering was dead
Because it was already said and done -
It had all been said and done before

There was a tv pilot that addressed this same issue
When arnold said to willis only the truth will set you free
You're just a joke till someone stands up and says
I love you enough to know set myself free

Hold yourself still - when liz put the song on
Repeat again I'm not sure why
It's not like she's coming home at all I'm

Standing here with arms wide open
Hoping that maybe you will understand the mess I've made.

There you go again talking like you've done it all
When you've not done a thing you're not trying stop telling me that you're
The couple downstairs are always yelling I got tired of the fighting yelling and shouting

We got tired of moving around; it's like cops at
The accident flares up and waving people on with 'there's nothing here to see'

O all the times that we make messes up and downs and backwards again
The truth will set you free I tell you truthfully
This all I can take this is me at the end of my rope

I'm standing here with arms wide open
Hoping that maybe you will understand the mess I've made.

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