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Corb Lund – Time To Switch To Whiskey lyrics

Well I like a full bodied lager as much as the next hard working man
The taste of suds while dealing stud I can surely understand
Trucker speed and yes indeed it's nearly gettin' light
It's time to switch to whiskey we been drinkin' beer all night

You can fish for bass and cut your grass and drink that purple gas
Sho' nuff, but the powerful stuff that'll knock you on your ass
Is like diesel fuel, and nobody's fool is gonna wanna get left behind
It's time to switch to whiskey we been drinkin' beer all night

Well it's time to switch to whiskey we been drinkin' beer all night
We're all half dead and them that's left are spoilin' for a fight
Who'd 'a thunk, we're quit drinkin' drunk, now boys don't spare the rye
It's time to switch to whiskey, we been drinkin beer all night

I've been splittin' eights and hittin' my straights in the cardrooms of the world
Chasin' skirt and gettin' hurt but now I got a card playin' girl
But man she gets excited when the deal don't come out right
It's time to switch to whiskey we been drinking beer all night


Well I've heard it said that you can get some heat in Irish pubs
Servin' Jamesons to an Orangeman and Bushmills to his cuz
Well here's what you do with Tullamore Dew, you can meet 'em both halfway
It's time to switch to whiskey they've been drinkin' beer all day


... Rye whiskey, rye whiskey, rye whiskey I cried...

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