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Coolio – Somebody's Gotta Die lyrics

(feat. Krayzie Bone)

Here today gone tomorrow life is borrow all your tears and sarrows won't bring it back and that's a fact when you be out be sure you put some thought into it the game has change when bullshit was brought into it are sax has fallen in 911 love
Gotta buy for some bud repercussion of a bloody blood they rather see me in a cell to see me make my mail and when his story he tell it's desinged to make you fail
When I make some money loc money don't make no manily you ain't got no thing you got no money in yo hand we sell dope drivin still any thing to pay them bills
Game exposed you wasn't sure cause you forgot to keep it real ya'll came back bumpers in the back P. H. Yallity is what you lack now you can feel it's presents cause you didn't count your blessins now we gone you all alone told yo momma that you was grown took 1 to the neck and 3 to the chest from frontin like you Al Capone

I don't wanna die
He don't wanna die
Don't nobody want to die but somebody gotta die tonight
We don't wanna die right
They don't wanna die
Don't nobody wanna die but somebody gotta die tonight

[Krayzie Bone:]
In my black khakis and my black boots nigga we suited jukin through this mug
We own a coffin in this box we have another 1 from mo thug we up in the dust caught up in a terrible tradgey for every nigga that fall the lesson is tought that this is reality mix with a sadity familys torn apart by bullets rippin through livinless hearts we steady askin where is God don't you try to blame this on the Lord finall prayers has been said just from this my nigga is dead just before they began to turn him over I looked at his heart broken mother and I just can wonder when will it be me everyone gatherin comein to see the remains and frames that I use to be H. E. A. Are. T you'll never will know whose comin to get ya to go grab the pistol and run under pertection cause when it feels like it's time to colempture ain't no time for packin cause you gotta go we outta control for us on the streets ain't no openin cause ya'll be smokin us over we never gonna die cause we souljas and we are the casulties of war we are the casulties of war we are the casulties of war

I don't wanna die
He don't wanna die right
Don't nobody wanna die but somebody gotta die tonight
We don't wanna die right
They don't wanna die
Don't nobody wanna die but somebody gotta die tonight

I seen them comin from a mile away I could'ntstay I had to make my get a way I live to die another day that's how I know the game we play everybody on the wood gotta price to pay betta pay attention to what I say you goin to hell if you don't pray these streets are hard walkin down the blvd. Like walkin through a prison yard you never kno when the shit gone start the press is on you runnin point in the 4th and your angels got to be sure to run these fools off the court all day here in jail but you can't call your crew cause the niggas that used to be ya crew now they after you (ooooo)
Hit the scene used to be about the team but yo pockets have green niggas hit the scene but I guess all about the green that's all in yo jeans love can turn to hate what when they see what they seen so you betta run the screen seperate the boy from the men cause yo closes city to me might just be yo deadlyest friend

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