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Coolio – Recoup This lyrics

Secretary: This is how we do it... This is how we do it
[phone ring]
Sec: Last chance records may I help you?
Oh what's up girl! Young nigga came over last night and guess what.
He was a busta. But hold on a second.
Excuse me may I help you?
Poison: Yeah I wanna see Chester I got an appointment with him.
Sec: Won't you have a seat he'll be with you shortly.
[Door opens]
Sec: Mr Johnson your 2: 30 is here.
Mr J: Eh, send him in. Damn, your showing a little good today girl.
Sec: Mr johnson will see you now.
Mr J: He heey! Come on in here boy, see I told you you was goin' be
A star, didn't I?
P: Man, fuck being a star, I want some motherfucking money man, you ow
Some money.
Mr J: Man, money! Wha???
P: Man, my record went double platinum, what the fuck is you talkin'
Mr J: Let me...
P: fuck that!
[gun shot]
Mr J: aaooww! You didn't have to shoot me...
P: Yeah, muthafucka, now fuck that! It's too late for that shit!
[ 7 gun shots]
Sec: aaaw, You shot Mr Johnson!
[2 gunshots]
P: shut up, bitch!

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