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Compton's Most Wanted – Who's Xxxxxxx Who lyrics

[nows our chance to get em..yeah...
Fuck Tim Dog, cause the boy aint shit...
Fuck Tim Dog, Fuck you Bitch!
Fuck Tim Dog, in the biker shorts...
Cause the boy aint shit...I'm a fuck you up...
Fuck Tim Dog, in the biker shorts...
Fuck Tim Dog..Fuck...Fuck you!...
Fuck Tim Dog, cause the boy aint shit...
Fuck Tim Dog..Fuck..Fuck you!]

Attention mutherfuckers geah attention.
The brother who don't quit is back with the gangsta shit.
Mike T, my mutherfucking right trigger
Play the drums so I can buck this nigga.
It all started like a game so watch him spit.
When a fool tried to come up off a gimmick.
So if it's tag, I guess it's my turn.
I grab your bullshit cap and start to burn.
Fool, you picked the wrong place, at the wrong time.
So watch the driveby punk cause your ass's mine.
I set the fire to the fuse so now it's too late.
Cause with your [wick wack] shit you can't touch the Eiht.
The Comptonator, the Compton cyco. Compton, Compton,
Punk, we stomping.
CMW shutting em down so start ducking.
No where to run so you know who's fucking who.

[Tim Dog...Fuck you bitch!...Oh yeah...
Tim Dog...Fuck...Fuck you...biiiitch...
Oh Yeah, It aint over mutherfucker...
South Bronx...Bullshit City...South Bronx...Bullshit City...
Tim Dog's going out on a stretcher...
Tim Dog's going out on a stretcher...
Fuck You...South Bronx...Bullshit City...
Fuck You...South Bronx...Bullshit City...
Southpaw...Fuck all y'all..
Dirty sons of bitches, need to wash they mutherfucking ass...]

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