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Common – Joy And Peace lyrics

For his goodness and for his wonderful works
Unto the children of men
If my people will lift my name tonight
I will come in
I will be exalted
I will be glorified
I will be lifted up
Welcome him in tonight
Can't you feel him?
Yes, yes
There is liberty
Open your heart tonight
Welcome him in, put them hands together
Joy and peace

[Verse 1: Common]
All praise to the all-eye seeing... supreme-being
Giver of joy and peace, love supreme freedom
Some see him in the son, some see him in the daughters
The mountains, the waters, all divine order
The king unseen, one dream that I had
I was talking to my dad
He said, "Things ain't as bad as they seem"
Is this a God dream the way Ye sing it?
The dream seem to go on as the day lingered
The meaning of life, you can't frame or name it
True stars remain like the name of David
Niggas get foreign cars and think they made it
It ain't yours 'til you create it
In the image of the beneficent, merciful, universal, versatile
My verses go 'til heaven and earth become reversible
Christ particle, so anything is possible
Fuck big brother, father, mother, God is watching you

[Chorus: Bilal]
And I want the joy
And I want to know the peace of mind
I make a way, a way to see
Through it all and ohh
Living for joy and peace
Still in all in the night when it hurts
And your bed feels like snow
There's a joy in the rain
In your heart, there's a way
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on
Turn your light on

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