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Cloven Hoof – Dominator lyrics

Cloned for perfection,
Born to lead.
Test tube selection,
For the Arian strain.
Genetic rejection,
The silicon seed,
Implanted evil in
Embryonic brain.

The scientists made way for the
Master race,
Changed the face,
Of galactic history.
Enslave the frontiers of time
And space,
One mad man came to be...

Scanning dominions in his power dome,
Patched into the grad computer prime.
High evolutionary,
On mechanised throne.
Divine lord of all,
By grand design.


Oppressor of the free.
Of humanity.

Into the Arena,
To satisfy,
The bloodlust in his all seeing,
Photo scenic eye.
Gladiator's fight,
The spectacle of might.
Giving of their very
Lives for the games.

Cosmic champions all they came,
The slayer and the slain,
Put to sword and flame.
That a star system lives,
A star system dies!

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