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Cledus T. Judd – Let's Shoot Dove lyrics

Parody of "Let's Make Love" by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill (Chris Lindsey/Marv Green/Bill Luther/Aimee Mayer)
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd/Chris "P. Cream" Clark

Buddy I'm sick of shootin at clay
Dreaming of opening day
How bout you

Yeah me too

The only thing I want to do
Is hunt with you
Kill a bird or two
Go get your gun

Let's shoot dove
All day long
Until all our shells are gone
Shoot five times
Then reload
Run like heck if the game warden shows
Yeah when the sun comes up
Let's shoot dove

You know Faith gets mad at me
When she thinks I'd rather be
In a field with you
Sipping brews

Shootin anything that moves

I think my sight's alittle off to the right

You can't hit nothing

Let's shoot dove
All day long
Until our eardums are blown
By tonight
One things for sure
Boy our shoulders will be sore
I just can't get enough
Let's shoot dove

(slight artillery prictice)

Let's shoot dove
All day long
Until all our shells are gone
Point your gun
Towards the sky
I want to see them feathers fly
And when the sun comes up

I can't get enough

Let's shoot dove

Hey d'jou get one

Nah d'jou

I think I winged one

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