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Circle Jerks – Status Clinger lyrics

Everybody out for the money running around
Talk about yourself all the time
Getting me down
Think about the needs of the many,
Out of sight, out of mind
Gotta get ahead turn my back leave you behind

Point blank take a leap
Pressure play it as it lays
You're getting to heavy for me
Everyone you meet you bow to their feet

You're a status clinger, nice to meet you
Who do you know, where do you go
You're a status clinger, now I see you
I can't take it
You're a social climber status clinger
Looking through you nothing to see
You're a social climber status clinger
I can't take it anymore

Have you seen her, have you seen him
Have you seen them
I don't know
Better think it over, better look out
I gotta go
Escalator, elevator, butt in front of the line
Gotta get ahead turn my back just a matter of time

Straight up take a leap
The buzz is out out on the street
Pressure too heavy for me
Everyone I meet seems to agree

Party parasite
Hanging around bothering me
Transparent user
Looking through you nothing to see
Manipulating looser
What do you have whats in it for me

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