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Christine Lavin – Sensitive New Age Guys lyrics

Sensitive New-Age Guys
From the Christine Lavin lp "Attainable Love"

Spoken: Sing along, it will help you with your male bonding kind-of-thing...
Who like to talk about their feelings?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who's into crystal, who's into healing?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who like to dress like Richard Simmons?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who are hard to tell from women?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who like to cry at weddings, who think "Rambo" is upsetting?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who tape "Thirty-Something" on their vcr's?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who's got child-on-board stickers on their cars?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Whose last names are hyphenated?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who loved "Three Men and a Baby", a movie I hated?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who's consciousness is constantly raising?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Whose tax-free income is amazing?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who think that red meat is disgusting?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who's into ufo's, channelling, and dusting?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who believes us when we say we have pre-menstrual syndrome?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who doesn't know who plays in the Seattle Kingdome?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Spoken: Let's ask these guys who plays in the Seattle Kingdome...
Hey, do you know who plays in the Seattle Kingdome?
(Mumble... Mumble...)
Oh, good answer, good answer!
Who likes music that's repetitious?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who likes music that's repetitious?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who's concerned about your orgasm?
Spoken: ... Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, you guys said you were sensitive?
(Well, Christine... We're sensitive -- but we're not *that* sensitive!)
I guess it's more important that they have 'em
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who carries the baby on his back?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who thinks that Shirley Mclaine is on the inside track?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
Who sings on singalongs even when they can't stand stupid singalong songs?
(Sensitive New-Age Guys)
(Spoken: Thank you for sharing.)

Transcribed by Rich Kulawiec, rsk@ecn. Purdue. Edu

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    Vanessa Emma Goldman
    This is the song I was thinking of but could not recall who wrote and sang it. Think my spouse has a Christine Lavin tape with this song on it, that I saw in her collection years ago but never really looked at too closely. For some reason I was thinking it was Cris Williamson, who (I think) is a pretty similar, second wave feminist folksinger. Anyway, about the song itself. Not really sure what to make of it. Is she simply mocking sensitive new age men, as seems to be the case just taking the lyrics at face value? Or is there some deeper meaning or intent, perhaps to show that she really supports such men despite the apparent mockery of them? I guess this all bothered me a lot more before I came out as a transgender woman, back when I felt stuck having to pretend to be the sort of man Lavin describes in the song. There was a part of me that kind of wanted to say to her (again, taking the song lyrics at face value) something like "OK, what the hell do you WANT men to do? Because i am pretty sure you do not want us to be macho cavemen, right? But it kinda seems like you are mocking us for being too much the opposite of that." Anyway, glad I was able to find the song here, and now I know that it is Christine Lavin and not Cris Williamson!
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