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Christafari – Palabra Sonido Y Poder lyrics

Eph 3: 16-17, Lk 24: 32, Heb 1: 1-3, Jer 20: 9.

A Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya! Arise from your sleep
And your slumber (Eph 5: 14), awake from the trance
That you're under (Rom 13: 11-14), and Let Jehovah
Elevate you higher (1 Pet 5: 6) and set your spirit on
Fire! (Lk 3: 16).

Coro: Palabra, Sonido, y Poder, (poder) Es lo que yo
Quiero tener
Palabra, Sonido, y Poder, (poder) Es lo que yo quiero
Tener (Eph 1: 19).

So give me the Word, Sound and Power I need it today.
The Word it is the Scriptures and what them have to
Say (Heb 4: 12). The sound it is Jah music that we play
It's reggae (Col 3: 16-17). The power of the Spirit it
Is on display- Eh! (Acts 1: 8).


I am burning up, hot like a fire! (Lk 24: 32) No
Compromise say that's my desire. Burning up, hot like
A fire! (1Thes 5: 19) Just let go and make the Spirit
Take over (Eph 5: 18). So Burn it up, Burn it up Hot
Like a fire, and turn it up, turn it up make the
Flames higher. Burn it up, Burn it up Hot like a fire,
And Turn it up, with Word, Sound and Power (2Tim 1: 7).


Well, Mi deseo, es mi alma en fuego- oh yaga yaga I
Mi deseo, es mi alma en fuego- soul fire in my heart.
I've come to realize I cannot compromise (Prov
4: 20-27). I've come to realize I just can't
Compromise. I've come to realize I never should
Compromise. Soul Fire Crew, (uno fe) Mix me nice!

I am loving the Father with my heart my soul, strength
And mind (Mark 12: 28-31). I know Jah love is patient
And I know His love is Kind (1Cor 13: 4), I know Jah
Love, Ease off now, Rewind.... When the going gets
Rough say "No compromise", and the battle is tough say
"No compromise", and them want to change your stuff say
"No compromise" (1 Jn 3: 7). Well no compromise, Lord no
Compromise! " (Dt 5: 32-33). Just like Shadrach, Meshach
And Abednego not burned by the fire (Dan 3), and
Daniel in the lion's den that's my desire (Dan 6), We
Are lifting up the Master God Higher and Higher and we
Chant it out singing Word sound and Power.


Mi deseo, es mi alma en fuego!
Mi deseo, es mi alma en fuego! Soul Fire inna me
Well Christafari comes to run the bass line, the drums
Them crisp and the rhythm is fine. I love the Father
With my heart, my soul and mind (Matt 22: 38). Word
Sound and power yes it get me every time.... Bim!

Light the torch let the flames scorch, it is Word,
Sound and Power that we sing from within. Well, you
Cannot have this power inside if it is sin in which
You abide (1Jn 3: 4). And so I'm offering you up some
Advice; you must become a living sacrifice (Rom 12: 1).
There's only one way I know we'll get through so I am
Lighting this torch and I'm giving it to you (2 Tim
2: 1-7).


I want you to Burn it up, Burn it up Hot like a fire
And turn it up, turn it up make the flames higher.
Burn it up, Burn it up with Word Sound and Power and
Turn it up, and flash up your lighter! Burning up hot
Like a fire! No compromise say that's my desire (Josh
1: 7). Burning up like Jamaica in the Summer! Yo yo yo
Yo yo.

No agua, No agua, No agua apaga el fuego 6X (Ps 18: 28)

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