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Chris Ledoux – Wild Bunch Rides Again lyrics

A bunch of old cowboys are makin' their noise at the rodeos across the land
They're all over forty but let me tell you Lordy they're still tuff rodeo hands
Well their age may be showin' and their grey hairs a growin'
And they ought to be a packin' it in aut there's bronc's to be rode
And steers to be throwed and the wild bunch is ridin' again
The wild bunch is ridin' again the wild bunch is ridin' again
Well they may be gettin' grey and they may be gettin' old
And the years and the miles have taken their toll
And the old arthritis is a settin' in but the wild bunch is ridin' again
The wild bunch is ridin' again

They ain't gettin' any younger but they still got a hunger
For the glory and a chance to win
Though their hides gettin' wrinkled and their body's all crinkled
And they're as wild as they've ever been
They know they ought to hang it up but Lord it's mighty tough
Just to leave it all in yesterday they're gonna keep on a ridin'
Gonna keep on tryin' aw they ain't gonna fade away
They ain't gonna fade away
Well they may be gettin' grey...
Well they may be gettin' grey...
The wild bunch is ridin' again

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